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Your fourth grader and reading

In fourth grade, children read across subject areas, thereby building more complex research and analytical skills.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Decoding strategies

Fourth-graders become proficient at using strategies to decode unfamiliar words. These strategies include breaking words into syllables or parts (such as in the word i-ma-gin-ar-y), finding root words (such as learning the root omni- in omnivore and omnipresent) and recognizing sight words (words that are recognized immediately such as probably).

Comments from readers

"On your section '4 of 9 BUILDING VOCABULARY', the writer should be aware that the proper spelling of 'speach' is 'speech'. Maybe the writer should spend more time reading, or how to use spell-checker, or heaven forbid, a dictionary."
"so, what can a parent do if they see that their child is NOT progressing at this level? "
"My problem is not with my son wanting to read (he loves to read), but more with his access to the school library. It is not open during lunch time, before or after school. There are many weeks during the school year when the library is not open for students. Our school librarian has refused many offers for help because she wants to show that her job can't be done in the hours the school district is willing to pay her. We use the local public library, but what is the point of a school library if not to be for the students to use? California is very busy spending a lot of time and money teaching students to read to pass the annual tests, but not to enjoy reading. I guess the power of employee unions and their agendas is more important than the true education and enrichment of students."