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Your fifth grader and reading

In fifth grade, students learn to identify themes, make inferences, and draw conclusions.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Reading fluently

Fifth-graders are expected to read complex text fluently and with strong comprehension. They spend much of their time discussing, reflecting on, and responding to a wide variety of literature and informational texts. By doing critical analyses, they can gain a deeper understanding of what they're reading. They may also read for pleasure, choosing books based on personal interests, genre, or author.

Comments from readers

"What about fluency? All of the above is extremely important, but there is no mention of how many words per minute the child is reading. That is an important metric. It's curious that the author left it out. "
"Something I like to do with my child, as well as an technique that I used when I was in school, to assist with the assessing one comprehension, identification of theme, main ideas and basic understanding. Was, the use of recording, yes, tape recording one chapter and reading a second time answer the question that I created at the end of the tape. I know this was back in the day, however, it will assist one in teaching their child, proper pronounciation of words, comprehension and etc. Perfect for one who is in the process of learning english. "