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Getting ready for middle and high school reading

Middle- and high schoolers interpret, analyze, and discuss more-advanced texts. Here are the tools they'll need to succeed.

By GreatSchools Staff

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How do you know if your children are on track?

In elementary school teachers focus on basic reading skills as students progress from learning to read to reading to learn. Starting in middle school, however, students must develop more-sophisticated skills such as reading for speed and comprehension as well as interpreting texts. But just when many kids reach the point where they need instruction in those areas, teachers may emphasize course content over reading skills.

How do you know if your children are on track? Our guidelines give you all the details you need to assess their aptitude.

Comments from readers

"As a high school teacher and mother of 3 who have ventured through and into college successfully, I learned the ONLY way for this kind of skill building to happen is if they are taught and then coached on how to use basic independent reading tools. Content area teachers have not been trained at middle/high levels to do this. Only kids who take AP classes will naturally begin using these types of tools. A teacher in our district created a video series that is free on youtube that uses real students introducing skills. "