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How is your child’s school teaching math?

Chances are your child’s math class is different than what you remember. Here’s our guide to some of the popular math curricula in schools today.

By Jessica Kelmon

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Deciphering math buzzwords

Is your child’s class learning “old” math or “new” math, “Everyday math” or “drill and kill?” Does your child’s homework look like nothing you were ever asked to do? Don’t panic — though 2 times 2 is still 4, the way many schools teach math has changed since our school days. From teacher-led classes to student-centric approaches, here are some of the popular — and perhaps unfamiliar — curricula, with unique problem-solving strategies and teaching techniques, you may need to understand to help your child succeed.

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Comments from readers

"Last weekend my child is 7 grade in school public(good school) receive 40 question of Math on Algebra, geometric. She has Asperges and answer it in 30 minuts but my husband and I check her answer and we taken 2 days chech all this. She had write correctly 80% and only 20% she had mistake but as near her answer. I must said that my old math was easy now is complicated, but quality on Math is very complicated and hard. When she will study high school hasn't any problem with math. "
"What is your opinion on Connected Math? "
"My son did Saxon math up to 6th grade in private school. When we switched to public school for 7th grade we were told by the new school that Saxon wasnt satisfactory in their view since it didn't comply with California state standards. "