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Mad Money

How you can help at home: Here's a game that will help your child learn money basics.

By Linda Eisenger, Consulting Educator

This game will help reinforce your child's understanding of purchasing power. Your third-grader will begin to understand the value of money in his everyday life. At this age your child should begin to identify coin values and what those coins will buy.

What You'll Need:

  • Blank envelopes (used ones are fine)
  • Markers
  • Real or paper coins

Here's How to Do It

Fill envelopes with a combination of coins (real or paper). Have your child add up the value of the coins in each envelope and write the amount in marker on the face of the envelope. Check to make sure she has the correct amount recorded. Then brainstorm together some items that could be purchased with that amount of money.

Game Extensions

Put the amounts of money together or subtract them. Using newspaper ads or catalogs, continue your hunt for items to purchase.

Linda Eisinger was named the 2005 Missouri State Teacher of the Year. She was also selected by the Boeing Corporation as the 2005 Outstanding Educator. She has received many other accolades including the Outstanding Educator award from the Smarter Kids Foundation in Canada. Linda is a contributing author to the 2007 Brainquest educational game. She serves as the president of her local teachers' association and continues to teach third grade at West Elementary in Jefferson City, Missouri.