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Macaroni word play

Make words out of macaroni to help your beginning reader practice language skills.

By Jane Ann Robertson, Consulting Educator

This simple project using alphabet macaroni, glue and paper can turn a long Saturday afternoon into a magical time.

What you'll need:

  • Dried alphabet macaroni
  • Paper
  • Glue

Here's how to do it

Have your child think of a word. Make the first letter of the word with alphabet macaroni by gluing it on a piece of construction paper. Now, try to guess the word - no luck? Have your child glue down the second letter. Continue until the word is guessed. Then you take a turn. Concentrate on high-frequency words your child may be having problems recognizing such as because and there.

Jane Ann Robertson was Arizona's Teacher of the Year in 2004. She teaches first grade and will be "looping" with her students to teach them in second grade the following year at Abia Judd Elementary School in Prescott, Arizona, where she has taught for 20 years. She also mentors and advises student teachers at Northern Arizona University.

Comments from readers

"Great Summer Fun Stuff, Thanks"