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Cookie ABCs

Turn a snack into a word game and help reinforce your kindergartner's language art skills.

By Jane Ann Robertson, Consulting Educator

You can use alphabet cookies to make a language game out of the snack.

What You'll Need:

  • Alphabet cookies

Here's How To Do It

Make your own alphabet cookies from this recipe or buy a healthy version such as Newman's Own Alphabet Cookies. Have your child close her eyes, and reach for a letter. Now have her think of a word that starts with that letter. For more advanced learners, think of a sentence using words that start with only that letter. An example might be "Jessica juggles jars of jelly beans."

Jane Ann Robertson was Arizona's Teacher of the Year in 2004. She teaches first grade and will be "looping" with her students to teach them in second grade the following year at Abia Judd Elementary School in Prescott, Arizona, where she has taught for 20 years. She also mentors and advises student teachers at Northern Arizona University.