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Food fractions

Try these tasty and creative ways to review fractions with your child.

By Nicola Salvatico, Consulting Teacher

Review fractions with your child with this fun food activity.

What you'll need:

  • A book about fractions
  • A pizza or tortilla
  • A knife to cut the food (optional)
  • Food toppings (optional)

Here's How To Do It

Read a book about fractions such as Eating Fractions by Bruce Mcmillan, Ed Emberley's Picture Pie: A Circle Drawing Book by Ed Emberley, Fraction Action by Loreen Leedy, Give Me Half by Stuart J. Murphy or Hershey's Fractions by Jerry Pallotta.

Then take a tortilla or pizza and have your child show you one-quarter, one-half and three-quarters either by breaking it apart or cutting or decorating the food with toppings. For example, you could have your child add pizza sauce to one-quarter, then half, then three-quarters, then the whole pizza. Then add fractional amounts of cheese and other toppings.

Nicola Salvatico has taught both kindergarten and first grade and is currently teaching first grade. She received the Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year award in 2005 and was awarded the USA Today's 2005 All-USA Teacher Team Award for her exemplary work at General Wayne Elementary School in Pennsylvania. She holds her certificate in early literacy as well as a master's degree in multicultural education.