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Activities for pre-readers and beginning readers

Help your child get excited about books by creating a personalized book mark or writing a book of her own.

By GreatSchools Staff

This activity has it all: reading, geography, baking and pie!
Brain Food: Make an Apple Pie

Sometimes it's OK to play with your food.
Make Macaroni Words

Here's how to explore the world without ever leaving home.
Take a Reading Journey

Start with a stack of old magazines for some silly learning fun.
Create Crazy Captions

Is your child learning the letters of the alphabet? Try this.
Make a Personalized Bookmark

Company coming? Your child can help you with this skill-building activity.
Create a Personalized Placement

You can help your child make a book even before she learns to read one.
A Homemade Book Can Inspire a Reader

With some help from you, your child can build both reading and computer skills.
Create a Name Book

Your child can create a keepsake for the whole family and practice language arts, at the same time.
Create a Family Memory Book

Comments from readers

"Two great articles for helping Beginning Readers From ZiggityZoom ers-and-kindergartners From NKR -teaching-resource/ "
"As a person of many interests, i have collected many books and magazine around the house but my children always take a long time to read properly thats why i decided to take reading plus to improve their reading ability. "
"My son and I play a game call good morning good night. We awake and say hello to all things and for each think that he names I spell and then we spell it together. We do the same at night, it can go on but he has learn a lot of words and can remember how to spell some of them. "
"My daughter just turned 5 years old and will be entering kindergarten in the fall this year. She knows colors, alphabet, numbers, shapes and can write her name. She loves to be read to. Finding the information you posted on this site gave me some ideas to help teach her to read on her own. THANK YOU!"