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By GreatSchools Staff


Pre-K - 3rd grade

Big Foot

Children learn about measurement by comparing the sizes of familiar objects, before they move on to tools like rulers and scales. You can help your child think about relative sizes by having her trace her foot and yours on paper. She can use the cutout feet to measure objects in the house. How many of her feet does it take to measure the bathroom rug? How many of your feet does it take?

Shapes Are Everywhere

Have your child find shapes indoors and outside. Choose a shape such as a circle, and with your child find circular objects such as a wheel on a bike, a basketball hoop and more.

Smallest to Largest

Gather objects from around the house and have your child put them in order from smallest to largest in size. Then have your child count the number of objects.

In a Minute

To help your child understand the length of a minute, give her a task and put the timer on. For example, have her skip rope, read a book or write for a minute. Before the timer is set, you can have her guess how many jumps she can take or pages she can read in a minute.

How Many Days?

Find out how many days are in the school year. Look at a calendar and have your child figure out what day will mark the half-way point for the school year. What day will mark the 100th day of school?

Sandwich Shapes

Make your child's lunch "ship shape!" Cut sandwiches into a variety of fun shapes using a knife or cookie cutters.

4th grade - 5th grade

License Plate Math

While traveling in a car, help your child use her addition and multiplication skills by asking her to add or multiply the numbers in the license plates of passing cars. For more of a challenge, you can assign a value to the letters. For example, each letter could equal 2.

Basketball Math

Have your child bounce a basketball as he says the multiples of different numbers. For example he can practice the multiples of 12 for each bounce 12, 24, 36, 48.

Math on the Menu

Practice mental math while you wait for dinner at your favorite restaurant. Have your child estimate the family's total dinner bill, based on what you ordered, or calculate how much it would cost to order every dessert on the menu!

Hometown Math

Help your child improve his number sense: Have him look up the population of your town or city. Ask him how it compares to nearby cities, or to cities where family members live.

Comments from readers

"I love your science projects. My daughter learns visually and this gets her excited about science."