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Math's steep summer slide: how far behind is your child?

Kids are losing math skills during the summer. Meanwhile, math standards are becoming more demanding. Here's how to keep your child from plunging down the math slide.

By Crystal Yednak

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Common Core Standards up the ante

The math summer slide problem is exacerbated with the recent introduction of the Common Core Standards, a new set of national academic standards for math and English language arts adopted by 45 states. Math educators worry about implementing the new standards, which set the bar high. With this rigorous and sometimes unfamiliar curriculum, teachers have less time to review last year's material with students at the beginning of the new school year.

Implicit in the Common Core Standards is the expectation "that kids will enter third grade knowing everything they should in second grade, so you don’t need to spend the beginning of the year reteaching,” says NCTM's Gojak. More reason than ever to make sure your child's up to speed during the summer months.

Crystal Yednak is a mom of two and a freelance writer who writes about education and parenting topics for national and regional publications.