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Parent picks: What first-graders are reading for the holidays

Books that play off real-life experiences are especially popular with this age group. Now is a great time to dive into early-reader chapter books.

By GreatSchools Staff

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The Lion and the Mouse

The Lion and the Mouse

The Lion and the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers (September 2009), $17

There are almost no words in this adaptation of Aesop's famous tale, not even on the cover, and the words there are are just sounds: an owl ("screeeech") or a jeep ("putt-putt-putt"). "I live next to a nature preserve," the author explains, "and hear birds all day long. And at night I hear so many sounds — and I’m not sure exactly what’s causing some of them. These sounds surround me with a continuity and motion and energy." The illustrations make this a book worth returning to.