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Science and nature books for first graders

Help first graders learn about the natural world around them. This book list will not only spark their curiosity about creatures as varied as beetles, sea turtles, and polar bears, but also offer important lessons about becoming an involved citizen.

By GreatSchools Staff

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The Icky Bug Book

The Icky Bug Counting Book

The Icky Bug Counting Book
by Jerry Palotta, illustrated by Ralph Masiello
Trumpet (1992), $8

OK, not to be overly technical, but not all of these creepy-crawlies are insects — some are arachnids, diplopods, or crustaceans. But they're all pretty icky. Author Jerry Palotta chose 26 subjects, including stinkbugs, pill bugs, and periodical cicadas. Not only will kids learn that blister beetles are used for medicine and that honey pot ants make delicious snacks, but discerning readers will also notice that this is an ABC book in reverse, beginning with one zebra swallowtail butterfly and ending with 26 army ants.