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Science and nature books for second graders

From playful penguins to mighty dinosaurs, there's something to fascinate everyone on this book list. Beyond our recommended critter curriculum, titles on the benefits of recycling and vermicomposting (in which worms do all the good work) will introduce children to the ABCs of environmentalism.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Compost by Gosh!

Compost by Gosh! An Adventure With Vermicomposting
by Michelle Eva Portman
Flower Press (2002)

Never heard of vermicomposting? It's a system for turning food waste into planting soil with the help of worms. Michelle Eva Portman provides an entertaining primer on the process by introducing readers to a young girl and her mom as they convert a storage box into a house for their new "pets," a bunch of wriggly red worms. Accompanied by adorable illustrations, Compost by Gosh! includes a how-to section for children to try vermicomposting at home.