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Humor books for third graders

Say "Ahhhhh" or "bead a rook": A mouse dentist and backward bunnies lend these books their laughs.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Doctor De Soto

Doctor De Soto

Doctor DeSoto by William Steig (Square Fish, 2010)
$7.99, Amazon / IndieBound / Powell's

A very cheerful story about a mouse dentist who treats mammals bigger than himself, wearing rubbers to keep his feet dry when he’s in their mouths. William Steig’s cartoony color illustrations make up the bulk of the book, and they are nothing short of urbane and funny. The climax comes when a dapperly dressed but hungry fox comes for a new gold tooth, and the quick-witted dentist saves himself from ingestion by means of his professional skills. 32 pages.

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