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Mystery books for fifth graders

From art heists to airships: fifth graders can explore these thrilling mysteries.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Airborn by Kenneth Oppel (Eos, 2005). $7.99.
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Matt is a cabin boy on board a luxurious airship, the Aurora. Matt meets Kate, who has arranged for a flight on the Aurora so that she can investigate diary entries her grandfather made regarding large, feline creatures with bat-like wings. Soon, the Aurora is attacked by pirates and forced by a storm to land on a tropical island. While exploring the island, Matt and Kate stumble across the bones of one of the "cloud cats" and observe one living in the treetops. But they are captured by the pirates, whose hideout is on the very same island. Will Matt and Kate be able to escape? You won't want to stop turning the pages until you know the answer! Rich with action, the character development does not suffer. Matt and Kate are likable heroes, the pirates vile and even the airship, Aurora, takes on a personality of its own. 544 pages.

— Kepler's Books

Comments from readers

"this book seems very interesting. also i really want to read it. "