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12 best children's book series for new readers

A great series can turn a reluctant reader into a life-long book lover. Here are our top picks to transform your preschooler or kindergartner into a bookworm.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Max and Ruby

By Rosemary Wells

Our favoritesMax and Ruby's Bedtime Book, Bunny CakesMax's Dragon Shirt

Perfect for: Siblings who drive each other crazy.

The hook: Ruby, the older sister, has a leg up on just about everything. Although Max, the baby brother, can't yet speak, read, or write — and is constantly messing-up — in the 25-plus books, he always gets what he wants (much to Ruby's annoyance), be it the coveted chocolate chicken or the dragon shirt.

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Comments from readers

"I think the name of the author for Henry and Mudge should be Cynthia Rylant. "
"Most of the books mentioned are favorites in my Kindergarten classroom. You forgot the Biscuit books and Toot and Puddle! Magic Tree House books are for the more mature reader. They can be very frightning for most Kindergarten students."