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12 best children's book series for new readers

A great series can turn a reluctant reader into a life-long book lover. Here are our top picks to transform your preschooler or kindergartner into a bookworm.

By GreatSchools Staff

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By Rosemary Wells

Our favorites: McDuff Comes Home, McDuff's Wild Romp, and McDuff and the Baby

Perfect for: Energetic creatures who mean well, but get themselves into harmless trouble.

The hook: Set in the 1930s, this vibrantly illustrated series of 10 books follows McDuff, a white Scottish Terrier who escapes from a dogcatcher's truck in search of a loving home. Though he finds one in a young couple who feed him rice pudding and sausage slices, the little dog struggles with the same sort of problems a young kid might – from dealing with a new baby in the house to causing a ruckus at a relative's house.

Comments from readers

"I think the name of the author for Henry and Mudge should be Cynthia Rylant. "
"Most of the books mentioned are favorites in my Kindergarten classroom. You forgot the Biscuit books and Toot and Puddle! Magic Tree House books are for the more mature reader. They can be very frightning for most Kindergarten students."