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10 best children's book series for grades 4 to 6

A great series can turn a reluctant reader into a life-long book lover. Here are our top picks to transform your older elementary child into an enthusiastic bookworm.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Maximum Ride

By James Patterson

Our favorites: The Angel Experiment, School's Out Forever, Saving the World

Perfect for: Older kids (6th grade and up) with a taste for high-octane sci-fi.

The hook: Fourteen-year-old scrappy and sarcastic Max leads a band of flying, gifted, and genetically-altered friends in page-turning adventures. Bred as mostly human and part bird, the teen heroes battle wicked predators called Erasers in their attempt to save the world.

Comments from readers

"I love these Goosebumps books they are cool. I could literally read them all. "
"great book! everybody should read it! "
"Read until I finished misarble mill "
"I find it surprising that there are no "real life: types of adventure stories for boys, such as the "You Were There" series, or the "Story Of ---" series. In the first series, kids were present -- on the Chisolm Trail, -- at the Battle of Lexington, -- at the Battle of the Bulge, etc. In the Story of Series, you learned about Michelangelo, George Washington, Beethoven, etc. In 4th thru sixth grades, our son was captured by these books and became a very good reader, while learning a lot about real history. I heartily recommend them. Our son is now 57. The books were exciting. How do the kids learn history today, and I am not talking about just learning dates? "
"I will suggest the series of The 39 clues as a source of adventure for the kids. They are on their 11th book right now and they are great for kids, teens, and adults! "
"Students of grades 4-6 might also enjoy the Brandon Mull books."