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Science books for first graders

Bounty for kids who are curious about giant squid, infinity, gross animal habits, and other natural wonders. (And what kid isn't?)

By Hank Pellissier

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Infinity and Me

Infinity and Me
By Kate Hosford, illustrated by Gabi Swiatkowska

Can a very small girl understand anything as enormous and complicated as infinity? Yes! This quirky philosophical book transforms the mind-numbing concept into a kid-friendly personal story. Silly, graspable ways to contemplate "forever" are presented via ice cream, families, school recess, stars, and shoes. With clever, old-fashioned illustrations.

Hank Pellissier is a freelance writer on education and brain development, and the author of Brighter Brains: 225 Ways to Elevate or Injure Intelligence. He is also a SAT and SSAT tutor and director of the Brighter Brains Institute.