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Art books for kindergartners

Sunflowers, symphonies, and beautiful blunders: books about art your child will love.

By Hank Pellissier

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Beautiful Oops!

Beautiful Oops!
By Barney Saltzberg

Clumsy art errors are creatively transformed in this adorable, inspirational guidebook. Spills, rips, smudges, wrinkles, goofs, and accidents don't wreck a masterpiece — they create magical opportunities. With pop-ups and lift-the-flaps, this is the perfect eye-opener for children who are fussy perfectionists, teaching them to be flexible with their “flaws.”

Hank Pellissier is a freelance writer whose fiction and essays have been been widely published and anthologized. A former columnist for Salon and SF Gate, he is a regular contributor to h+ Magazine.