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i want my child to go to a school that its not in our district what can i do?


Anonymous February 20, 2009

will the district help me?what are the chances that my child could go to a different school in a diferent district?

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lockmama February 20, 2009

I would suggest you contact the school. I think it is generally easier to transfer your child to another school within your district, but it cannot hurt to ask.

If possible, schedule a meeting with the principal. Take a binder with some of your daughter's acheivements. Be prepared to show the principal that your daughter would be an asset to their school.

Check out the school's website as well as the district's website. There may be a mission statement and goals listed. Can your daughter help the school/district to meet any of those goals (community service, national merit scholarship semi-finalist, etc)? If the principal is interested in getting your daugher to attend their school, they may be willing to help you find loopholes in the district policy.

Is there a specific reason you want your daughter to attend a school outside your district? Some districts will make allowances for children who once lived in the boundaries but have moved or if a grandparents who provides afterschool care lives in the boundaries.

Good luck!


tobbyandlui February 20, 2009

You can get a intradistrict transfer form, this transfers they have to be approved by the district but it may be denied sometimes, but it will be worth the try, I don't know if your child's school send this form to you, but they did to me. Sometimes you can do it by a work permit, if your place of work is near a school in that district were you want your kid to go, or throughout the daycare where your child goes, if it is close to the district you like, or if you move to that area of the school of your choice, these are some of the possibilities you have, but as I said before, they have to be approved by the district, good luck.


Child_Of_Ra February 23, 2009

You might also have the right to transfer out of district through open enrollment. Check into your open-enrollment policies. Deadlines are now for most schools, so check into it immediately.

You should not allow your child to be put in a school you don't prefer (based on race). They have been using de-segregation laws to actually say, we need more whites, more blacks, more hispanics, and so forth in such and such schools. If you want your child in a certain school, fight for it and don't allow any de-segregation racist laws to get in your way.

A law was passed by a state supreme court I believe in 2007 somewhere on the East Coast (Massachusetts maybe?) check into that if you run into any flack about de-segregation and get the facts.

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