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Charter Schools and Special Needs Kids


lisaedit November 29, 2007

Charter schools are supposed to be open to all and they are not allowed to discriminate. But rumor has it that some find a way to exclude special needs kids. Has anyone had that experience? Some charter schools actually cater to special needs kids. Have any experience there? Join the discussion.

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sld123 December 17, 2007

pa cyber charter school/pccs has apx 1/4 special needs kids of its over 10k enrollees.


lisaedit December 19, 2007

Does this school provide any special services to special needs kids? How does a cyber school serve these kids?


dvigano March 3, 2008

My daughter was born with Spina Bifida. Her current charter school (Challenge Charter) is not interested in giving her any assistance and we've had nothing but problems with the adminstration. They allowed her to attend, but they're practically pushing her out the door. They keep trying to find ways to ruin her education by keeping her at home.


MSMomm March 3, 2008

It is my belief that schools in general make it very difficult for parents and children with special needs. Schools tend to promote what they CAN'T do, more than what they CAN. Sure, kids who are non-English speaking can be taught English and sent on their way. Kids with special needs are seen as a drain on their funds. Private schools do not have to make any allowances for special needs kids. The bottom line is, it takes a lot of time and research to find schools that will most benefit our kids.


OnTheLake April 17, 2008

Hello and Good Evening,
I first want to begin by saying I tip my hat to any and ALL parents of children with special needs. I say special needs because I don't see these children as 'disabilities'. The disability I see and read about is the lack of knowledge(I'm trying to be nice)a person expresses when they speak of these children with special needs as though they do not matter. THEY DO MATTER!!!!! I am lucky to have 3 children who do not require extra help with their education. It takes a loving person to raise a child with special needs. A friend of mine is going through a terrible time with the school her son attends. It is heart-breaking to hear her tell me what goes on. It is a charter school and it is considered a 'Honor School of Excellence'. How can it be called that when parents feel so frustrated with the lack of attention their child gets, who by the way is entitled to an education. Sure, they have a lottery and they accept children with ADHD and autsim. I still think their application process is a little off . Why do they need to know the child's race or even the parents occupation? Is the school looking for possible money bags and 'token' minorities? Sorry I got side tracked. Lake Norman Charter is a great long as you fit the mold of the perfect student. You are not to ask questions, for they do not get answered. Have a problem? Don't bring it to them, because it is their way or no way. Parents are considered part of the child's long as the parent agrees with the administration on every matter. My friend , who I will call 'Cindy' moved here two years ago from another state. Her son already had a 504 plan from his previous school. The administration is aware of this but are still dragging their feet to get him on an IEP plan. Cindy's emails took so long to be answered and when the emails were answered the questions she had asked were never adressed. The administrator of student services-A.S.S.-(there is no pricipal or assistant pricipal they are given different titles) would not address any of her questions, even when she wrote again. (Funny how the initials spell A.S.S.) I have a friend who is also a co-worker and she is very dissappointed in LNCS. I am going to convince her to join this site because her factual story was so unbelievable, that I am surprised she is not heading up a crusade to the Board of Education. There is someone on this site who recently took her son out of LNCS because her son who has ADHD was not given the attention he needed. Let's be honest....let's call it like it is......DISCRIMINATION!!!!!!! Parents get so upset they pull their children out and go on to get their children the help they need. The school wins! It is another triple victory!!!! One-they drove the child out. Two-they don't have to spend a red cent on testing that should have been done. Three-they keep their squeeky clean title of 'Honor School of Excellence' How crazy is that ! Their hands are kept clean reminds me of a similar historical event. Sorry if anyone who reads this takes offense, but please hear me out.....Pontius Pilate didn't condemn Jesus to his death....he left the decision to the people. He sat back with his hands clean because he did not say the actual words that Jesus should die. LNCS does the same thing, they will let a child with special needs be mocked and given no help. At His death, Jesus was no longer a 'problem' for Pontius Pilate . Just as when a child with special needs leaves the school, LNCS no longer has a 'problem'....all the while they could have helped this child ,just as Pontius Pilate could have helped Jesus. We all know Pontius Pilates' hands were far from being clean, as are the tainted hands of every administrator at Lake Norman Charter who takes part in or is aware of the 'pushing out' of any child with special needs. God does not give favor upon those who harm or bring harm onto any child. But, the end justifies the means.....every child with a right to an education will 'rise' above this ordeal with the love of God. Again, I congratulate any parent of a child with special needs. That is a true meaning of unconditional love. We need to somehow make the Board of Education aware of the discrimination these children with special needs face from the school that the government funds. The same government which is funded by our taxes. I plan to be one of those voices. I will be writing to the Board of Education and hope to convince my friends to do the same. God never gives us more than we can handle and all you parents are handling this beautifully.
God Bless You All,


kassimer1 April 24, 2008

Our son has attended a charter school since 1st grade (campus community school). We really loved it until he hit 6th grade. Before that the teacher would respond to your e-mails, you were welcome to just drop by the class anytime. They really seemed to care and try thier best. Then we hit 6th grade and it went totally the oppisite direction. They can't keep any of the teachers for long. He has had 3 science teachers in one year. The teachers will not respond to your emails. It took 11 months to get an IEP plan done. They waited til our son failed 2 classes. The school nurse had to be threatened with malpractice by my sons Nuerologist to give him his prescribed migraine medicine. Yes, poor kid ADHD, migraines and asthma. They finnaly did a plan for him but they are not following up on it real well. But he did get to start the occupational therapy that he needed. We had heard that once the kids got to the higher grades at that school that it wasn't very good but we really didnt believe it because it was so good before. We were so fed up that we started looking for a different school. So next year he is going to another charter school that specializes in childern that strugle top learn. We took a tour and interviewed that same day because we were so impressed. class size is 13 kids at max. They really use alot of positive reinforcements and have free tutoring 4 days a week. They don't get a ton of homework because the small class size they get alot more done. The draw back is no sports or other clubs. But my son doesnt mind he just wants to feel good about himself and do well in school. Maybe thier is a school like that near you. Oh the good charter school is called positive outcomes :)


Anonymous April 28, 2008

I totally agree with you. My nephew is with the STAR Academy in Colorado and they haven't provided him with 2 out of 3 services listed on his IEP. I feel the same about him being pushed out of the school. They ignore children's needs most of the time.Our family has had a horrible time with the admisistration as well. My neice was verbally attacked by the prinicpal while trying to make my nephews needs known. The prinicpal sinply said when my nepohew was hiding under the desk, having a panic attack, "At least he is not hurting anyone". He was hurting. I would suggest to ask any online special needs community in your area or local support groups for suggestions of "special Kids" friendly...


markmel April 29, 2008

I have a child who has a genetic disorder called Velo-Cardio Facial Syndrome and I have her on a waiting list for a charter school in our town and I just had a meeting with the principal and she said that they might not be able to take her because the services she needs are in such a huge allotment that she does not know if they can provide that much RSP and Speech for her. I guess it is better to find out now and have them be so forth coming with the info so I do not waist another year in a school that can not do what she needs. It is just frustrating we live in a poor school district that just laid off a lot of there RSP and Speech teachers and there is just not enough services for the ones that need the most. I think as her mom it is harder because I have tried tohomeschoolingl for two years first grade was a breeze but then she started to have seizures and now after a second gradecurriculumn she is still testing at a first grade level. Her speech is less than her 2 year old brother so she does most of her work on the computer because of the language barrier and her right side of her body hasparalysiss and is hard for her to use it to much. I think any time you need special services charter or not it is hard the needs are there but the people to fill them are not. That is probably the biggest thing I have found. Melanie


LKNECMOM October 10, 2009

I am writing about my son who went to LNCS. They put out so much information about their school being the best but that was not our experience at all. We were left there with a child who was broken down and drained and who did not want to to return to school. We requested that he be evaluated for an IEP. The school told us that there was nothing wrong with our child so, we brougth in the best specialist and spent about 10,000 of out own money to figure out what the problem was. He has a lot of things going on and LNCS was not willing to help us until we filed a complaint with NCDPI. Parents need to network and know their options and the Laws! You can file a complaint with The NC Depatment of Public Instruction. They will do an investigation and see if the school is in compliance's or non- compliance's. You can contact the NCDPI and throught the Free of Information Act find out if the school has had any violations.

Thankfully, my child is at a great school where he is getting all the services he needs and he is thriving and his grades are great! After you file a complant with NCDPI and get the results back you should follow through with a complaint with the Department Of Civil Rights.

Hope this gives others some help!

I have learned a lot from my son not being serviced under the most basic rights, I think that is we al stick together we can make a better palce for children with Special Needs!


whosuremama November 13, 2009

After 25 IEP meetings at her last public school, I decide to go with a Charter School this year. I applied at Carden Traditional School in Glendale. My daughter has a severe speech disorder, no learning problems, and no other disabilities. I got a call a week later saying they "didn't have the resources to meet my daugher's needs." So she is now at Canyon Pointe which i'm not happy about AT ALL (but that's another story). Anyway, at her first IEP meeting I was telling them about that incident and the Speech Pathologist said "Really?! I'm their Speech Pathologist!"

This has just been an unbelieveable year for both of us. Her current school doesn't even have a lunch program! I thought that was illegal! (apparantly not for them) I've tried writing to the school superintendants, but no one ever gets back to me. I can't afford a lawyer or a private speech therapist. It's so hard to keep fighting by myself.

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