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Bus overcrowding


Cazzwom October 14, 2008

My son just started 6th grd @ a middle school.  We tried once to ride the bus and it was terrible!!!  The bus was so overcrowded!  At the last two stops the students were standing!!  I was horrified to hear this from several of my son's friends that ride the bus on a regular basis.  There's also bullying on the bus.  Students won't let other students sit down.  The bus driver does nothing.  He just shouts for everyone to find a seat.  So the 7th & 8th graders bully the 6th graders for seats.   I thought there was no bullying allowed on the buses?  With gas prices being so high, it's been a heartship for me to drive my son every day 9.1 miles one way; 40 miles a day!!  I have inquired about car pooling, but haven't heard anything yet.  My son has never riden a school bus before.  Our elementary school is across the street from us, so the bus experience was harrowing, to say the least.

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curlysue October 15, 2008

My heart really goes out to you. I've been in your situation many times before. I've called transportation so many times they know me by name. Whatever you do don't give up. I do know that sometimes the bus drivers aren't as much to blame as we think. Parents have to file a complaint usually for a student to get written up.The student is allowed 3 write ups before they are removed from the bus for 2-3 days. After that it's a week and so on. my daughter is told to sit in the front of the bus and her brother sits in the back of the bus to watch her. I do agree its awful that our kids have to endure the things they do on the bus,but until parents get involved things will not change. I will also tell you when something happened on the bus all parents came to the rescue. The more parents you have complaining the quicker the results. I dont know where you live but we have camaras on our buses. Tell them to monitor the video when you call with a complaint. I hope your bus problems get resolved. I went through years of bus problems until my kids finally grew up a little. Good Luck!


debrasuefitzge October 16, 2008

we take our kids to school,because of them being over crowded i dont want my kids standing up that is so un so sorry about your situiation i hope it will get better for you and your son.


clockgirl12 November 2, 2008

I had the same problem where I lived there was on bus driver picking up elem. and high school students in the morning, my son would come home everyday complaing about the high school kids picking on him, that really made me mad considering they are in their teens and he was 6 years old. So I went to the school and talked to them , well there's nothing we can do we have a shortage in drivers, so I reccomended that they have a talk with the high school kids picking on a 6 year old boy, needless to say they did nothing about it really because a couple of days later I asked my son was he having anymore problems and he started crying saying Mommy I can't tell you or they will beat me up! I was seeing red by this time so the next day I picked him up from school and had him show me the bus stop in which the two teen boys got dropped off at, since the school only made the problem worse I handled it myself with the boys and then went to the school district and made a complaint, needless to say elem. and high does not ride the bus anymore around here.


meljoe November 6, 2008

All three of my sons took a yellow bus to school and there were problems with the busses always. What I found that worked was to be at the bus stop in the am and pm for the first few weeks of school and let the driver know who you are and who your child is. Everytime your child comes home and has a problem on the bus contact your Parent Coordinator at school and let the driver know what happened. If you contact the school everytime something happens they will call the driver in for an interview.
This has seemed to work for me my older boys got through 4 years on the bus with no problems and my youngest son is going on 2 years with no problems. Good Luck.


goofyoko November 6, 2008

I am a school bus driver and let me tell you this is not an easy job for the amount of money we receive. If there is over crowding you need to call the school and district. Are you aware that the buses hold 71-76 or 90 passengers depending on the bus. And also if there is a problem with bulling we can not do much about it if the students do not tell us. Sorry we can not watch everything that is going on either. Think about driving you car, people cut you off, slam on breaks and then you also need to watch 71-90 kids. Big responsibility. So unless your count the kids or tell the school there really is nothing that can be done. Also inregards to bulling your driver may be doing what they can and the schools do not back them up. It took me most of the year to get some kids off my bus for that reason.


soccermom7677 November 21, 2008

My child rode a bus very crowed too. This year they have added another bus on the route through our subdivision and that five years to get this done . It is the school system not the bus driver ,you need to talk to about the bullying and that doesn't work find out the children names that are doing the bullying go to their parents.


ctrott10 October 27, 2009

okay so im not a parent, im acutally a student that has had to ride a bus that is overcrowded. in one day we had six rows of seats with all three to a seat. the next five rows had two to a seat. and the last row were not allowed to sit in. there was a total of 54 kids ridding, thats not even everyone. there is no way a school bus can hold 71-76 kids even if all the seat are 3 to a seat and the one it that back that is ment for one person would have to have 3 to a seat to for it even to be possible. im sorry but how are you suppose to fit 3 high school students in one seat. its really not safe to have. what would happen it the bus would get in an accient too, there are no seat belts or anything to protect them. im sorry for the school bus drivers you probably dont get paid enough and you should. my school district already has over 30 busses i believe and some are overcrowded but were still get more and more kids riding.

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