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Speech Delayed/Learning Disability child entering kindergarten


zion217 August 9, 2009

My son is entering Kindergarten at Willow in Homewood, Illinois.  We just moved into the neighborhood.  Is there anyone who can tell me what the first day is like?  I have a Speech Delayed/Learning Disability child and I am extremely nervous about him entering kindergarten.  How can I calm my fears so he won't notice?

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mjrolfe September 22, 2009

I'm assuming your son has already started school. I hope it went well. My daughter has mild cerebral palsy and therefore has mild speech and physical delays. She is so mild that most people don't notice. That can cause a problem with them expecting her to do everything everyone else is doing without difficulty. All I can say is, keep good communication going between you and your son's teachers. Keeping a good relationship between you and them, I think, is the key.
Does your son have an IEP?


zion217 October 9, 2009

Yes my son has an IEP. Sorry I am just responding. He has entered kindergarten and so far he is doing well. He has a teacher who has experience with children who have a range of disabilities. She is a special ed teacher. He is in an instructional class of eight boys. I didn't like the idea at first but it seems to be ok because he is getting a lot of one on one attention as well as being challenged. He also interacts in the other kindergarten classes which should help when he attends first grade. My biggest worry is these standardized test and hoping he will be able to pass through all his grades like all the other children. The teacher says he is doing well, trying very hard and she thinks he will succeed.

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