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Gifted Schools/Programs in Nashville/Franklin, TN?


ander4 November 24, 2009

 We are relocating to the Nashville area (considering Franklin or Brentwood) next year and are starting to look at schools.  Both of our kids have tesGT and I'm wondering if anyone can recommend any programs there?  I called the Williamson Co. school district and it didn't seem that gifted education was well supported (but that could have just been the person I spoke with).  My kids are currently at a public GT school we're spoiled with rich differentiation.  It doesn't seem that there's anything like that there.  Thanks!


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MariaTN December 1, 2009

I have heard the same thing for West TN (north of Jackson) - it is just too small of an area etc... I couldn't even find an early childhood meetup for children under 3.. and the one I found for three year olds required quite a bit more sitting still and following directions than my then 18 month old was ready for (although she loved the reading and singing and mingling). I'd love to find more resources in my area so I can continue encouraging her. My DD is only two but feel I need to start looking early as she is already demanding about complex things like letters, words and clocks.

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