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PENTHOUSE January 12, 2010

I am living in Westchester County, I have 4 year old that  reads at 7th grade level, counts, tells time, do addition and count also by 5's.  I do need to get him started in a program that can motivate him. I would like to know if there are gifted programs in Westchester, I have seen a lot  in NYC .  How can I get him to one of the program in New York City. or can i get information on lower Westchester programs


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mcteer9 January 12, 2010

you could go to and see if they have a link to westchester county


HerAdvocate January 14, 2010

Your 4 year-old sounds just like mine. (I don't know about 7th Grade level reading, but she reads anything I give her). I live nowhere near the east coast but if ever you want to bounce ideas, etc, feel free to send me a note. I found an excellent book "A Parent's Guide to Gifted Children" It's given me much insight into my child's personality & needs. Good luck finding a school, it's so important that these kids are challenged and given the opportunity to mingle with other gifted peers. Even a Saturday enrichment program can help.
Take Care,


PENTHOUSE January 14, 2010

Thank you for responding, i will also try your idea to get him with other gifted kids. he is currently going to a head start program and the director told me he is about 7th grade or higher, as you said your daughter reads anything likewise my son it does not matter how big it is.
Thanks again


healthy11 January 14, 2010

I recommend that both of you look at
The link noted above is an invitation to join the NING website
for OGTOC (Our Gifted/Talented Online Conferences) where there are hundreds of people and different chat groups for all kinds of Gifted issues.
Most gifted programs in public schools just cater to the "bright" students, who may be within a grade or so of their peers, but a 4-yr-old reading at 7th grade sounds more profoundly gifted, and I suspect private gifted education, if you can afford it, will be more in tune with his needs.


ElmoHurled January 18, 2011

First: Welcome to the wonderful world that is the Westchester County public school system.
Second: There is no state mandate for gifted programs in schools anywhere in NY so you will have to be persistent and patient and charming to get what you need for your child or elsemove to Huntington where there is a gifted and talented school.
Third: Be prepared to be looked at like you have two heads once you have told this to your child's pre-school teacher. They do not care (at this age) to acknowledge or help foster the academic advancement of a 5-year-old.
Fourth: Be prepared for resistence once your child reaches kindergarten.
Fifth: I suggest to have him tested for giftedness even though the school administration will tell you that the tests are "inaccurate" at that age. At least you have proof in your hands once your child is in kindergarten.
Sixth: Have a meeting with your child's kindergarten teacher, school principal and the school psychologist lined up before he enters kindergarten.
Seventh: Do not put your child in Kumon. It's considered enrichment but it is really just torture for children who are academically advanced.
Eight: Try a gifted and talented summercamp at Summer Institute for the Gifted.
Ninth: Good luck.


s12345 October 7, 2012

I suggest Thornton Donovan in New Rochelle. I am considering this school for my 6 year old and visited recently. There K-1 class had 6 students and they don't have a problem with differentiating the curriculum or having a kindergarten student join a second grade math class. You can google the school and look at the website. Please let me know what you think.

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