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Which Catholic schools are the best in orange county?


mylittlepony3 May 2, 2009

We are relocating to orange county and my
children currently attend catholic school out of state. Any suggestions?
Obviously looking for academics but also a great, loving environment as well.

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healthy11 May 2, 2009

How old are your children? Are they still in elementary school? I'm not from CA, but where I live the archdiocese lists school performance data on their website (ie, standardized test scores, demographics, etc.) If I were you, I'd contact them for more info:


alcerroa May 3, 2009

That is a great website. Our daughter is in Long Beach, not Orange County. I know the good Catholic High Schools in OC are Rosary, Cornelia Connelly, Servite, and Mater Dei. If your kids are in elementary perhaps you could contact the high schools for advice on which elementaries feed into their schools with success. Personally I think the teacher and principal are the most important. The school where my daughter goes has wonderful teachers and an active principal. Catholic school classrooms in SoCal are pretty full, but a great teacher makes all the difference. Good luck and welcome to California!


mylittlepony3 May 3, 2009

my children are 11 and 8 so 5th and 2nd grade. Thanks and I will check the website you mentioned.
Do you know anything of Serra school? I really like
Mission Viejo area when we looked last fall so we
still need to find a great family place to live.

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