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does anyone know anything about the junior national young leaders conference


kpowel April 1, 2008

My son was nominated by his teacher and has been accepted to join a select group of middle school students in Washington,DC for this conference -- for a week. Now I'm over joyed about this, but a little surprised because my son's last report card wasn't that great. Can anyone tell me anything about this conference.

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rosemarysw May 14, 2009

We were considering letting my son do this, but we are a little skeptical about the no parent rule. Dont get me wrong, my 13 year old son has been a straight A student since 1st grade. We get he needs to learn to do things by himself, but 6 days and 5 nights is a bit much to be on his own with strangers. Another thing is we have shelled out alot of money for him to be in special academic clubs, we just recieved his letter of acceptance so how is he suppose to raise that kind of money by July 1st, unless we give it to him. If my child is so smart and he has been nominated to participate in anything, how come it cost so much. We have two other children and my husband is the only one working. From what we have heard on this website we dont and cant just give $2,000 away. Its such a big chance.


harinair May 15, 2009

Bad idea to send your kid. It is not a hard receive thing. This is a marketing ploy to make it look like a coveted program. Every year 100,000 students were given this offer. Each batch has 300+ students and they run close to 40 batches. Hence almost 10,000 students fall for this every year. This does not count to college admission. Read more in my (harinair) earlier posting....


martya May 17, 2009

All I can say is scam, scam, scam! Do not send you child. We made the mistake of sending our daughter and it was a bad experience for her and us. From all the walking she developed a very bad blister and needed medical assistance, and could not get any, she was given a bandaid and told they do not have medical assistance on staff or give medical advice. ( even though they state they do 24 hours a day) The "opportunities' to visit places are 30 second stops to take pictures in DC. literally did not step inside one of them. They were allowed about 7 hours of sleep per night and for a 10 year old is about 3 hours too few. Had them in class until 10:00 PM everynight.

I almost went a day early to pick my daughter up but she convinced me not to do it.

When I talk directly to the "trained counselors" upon picking my daughter up I all I got was lip service that they were not ware of any issues. I sent multiple emails and called several times asking for someone in charge to voice my complaint over the lack of medical care and not one return call or email.

We had to actually take my daughter to our family doctor for treatment when she came home!

We felt terrible we sent her. Should have realized it was a scam, but since she is in the gifted program at school, nominated by her gifted teacher and everything looked so professional,,,,well we should have known.

Spend the 2k and plan your own DC vacation, take the whole family and actually learn and do more on your own.

I honestly cannot believe this organization is still allowed to operate it is so bad, the word fraudulent comes to mind.


123_abc November 9, 2009

My daughter went to this program and she said it was very good. They have lots of fun and it is really safe. You can get a scholarship. They take the kids to a lot of the monuments. They do a lot of group activities and learn about the government.


harinair January 12, 2010

For near $2000 + air tickets you can get even more... Join a UC Berkeley or Stanford program that typically costs $800. Use the rest of the money to tour Washington. Probably you may be left with enough money to buy a book on US Constitution. And that certificate has value when you join college. Thousands of people are scammed into this and we have to stop it.


BMomof4 March 10, 2010

There's a possibility for a kid who has been chosen but he doesn't have any ID?


KathyHenry May 13, 2010

Is there anyone who has recently had a child attend the Junior National Young Leaders Conference who is able to provide some insight into the program. I have heard mixed reviews from very positive to very negative.


julianzamora November 17, 2010

Thanks for the information. My best friend was under a lot of pressure to find the money to send her daughter to this "camp". I told her to slow down a let me investigate because the invitation sounded very fishy. It was a non profit org. but the invitation look like my cogressman send it to her. Her daughter wanted to go because she is a Colombian migrant that has worked very very hard to learn the launguage and to get good grades. She even learned to play the violin. She is a great kid...Thanks again for the info.


BMomof4 May 2, 2013

Yes, I found out it is a scam... after the nomination, the school principal told me that they only choose the students and everything else is upon the family! I did some research and you are never able to meet the President or an important person. Sadly, after all that info, I decided to save my money and to have a family trip which was more instructive away all that marketing and propaganda. Thanks harinair and Martya


user5504876 April 2, 2014

its a scam, all you have to do is type "junior national youth leaders conference" into your browser and several sites come up discussing how this "glorified overpriced camp works" I even went so far as contacting the teacher who supposedly recommended my child, she did not even know what I was referring to. Apparently they receive a mailing list and send out over 50000 "your kid is great letters", your kids so great you have the opportunity to pay a ridiculous amount of money to involve them in this program. Generally if your child is truly being recognized for outstanding accomplishments it does not include a price tag!!!

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