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Locating homeschool teachers


poodles April 9, 2008

How to I locate certified teachers who are fed up with the school system and choose to homeschool students in my hometown? Is there a certain site to find such teachers? Thanks

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healthy11 April 9, 2008

When most people use the word "homeschool," they mean parents schooling their own children, not necessarily certified teachers who have students in their own homes every day of the week. You might start by doing a "google" search for the name of your city, state, and the word "homeschool" OR the name of your city, state, and the word "tutor." It's been my experience that many teachers who quit the public system, do go into tutoring. If you contact a few, you might find that they know someone who can help you


Jsillymom April 10, 2008

Yes I have to agree with healthy11. Homeschooling is when the parent (whether a teacher,former teacher or not) educates their child at home. You can find tutor's for your child too. In general though tha isn't considered homeschooling. I hope that helps some.


Anonymous April 11, 2008

i'm a homeschool mom. i've homeschooled for four years now...i must say i'm confused by your question. we are not listed anywhere..there's no record of me anywhere;) i'm not certified..but i guess if you especially want a certified teacher, they are out there, i would go to yahoo groups and start joining groups. (homeschoolformshare, homeschooltools, secularhomeschooling, radicalunschooling) these are just off the top of my head;) join a lot, as i don't know how many there are, and just keep posting that question, along with the reason why.
why do you want a 'certified' teacher?' you my want to explain this, as many parents on that site , more likely then not, will have had teaching experience twice over the certified teacher you fnd;)


poodles April 13, 2008

Thanks for responding! There are so many teachers who are losing their jobs these days. I heard on the news that if a parent who is homeschooling and is not certified, will have to pay a fine. I just thought there would be a pool of unemployed teachers who are looking for other means of schooling. Thanks.


Jsillymom April 13, 2008

This was just a ruling in California. Do you live in California? If not then you are probably ok. To look for the laws in your state a good place to start is here this will give you an idea what is required in your state. As for the ruling in California it's being reviewed. Even the Governer there has spoken out about this ruling so it may be turned over but we shall see.


homeschooladvo October 1, 2008

As a homeschooling parent I strongly recommend you to

Good luck :)


Tutoring April 26, 2009

you've just found one in new orleans


trooper April 26, 2009

Home schooled - children educated by another, usually a parent, under the supervision and direction, of the local school district.
Home and or hospital- students who are unable to attend school due to physical and or emotional reasons and who are educated by teachers provided for, and supervised by the local school district -outside of the school environment.
Hope this helps!


sargenl April 28, 2009

I am a certified and veteran 7-12 math/science teacher looking for parents to hire me to assist in tutoring, home-schooling, how would i find these parents?


stevecampbell September 11, 2009

looking for a teacher in this area to homeschool ???

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