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Locating homeschool teachers


poodles April 9, 2008

How to I locate certified teachers who are fed up with the school system and choose to homeschool students in my hometown? Is there a certain site to find such teachers? Thanks

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user5433201 January 31, 2014

I'd be interested to know if anyone near the McKinney, TX area can help me homeschool my 2 teens. I find anything past algebra difficult to teach, and writing also stumps me. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


user5422434 January 26, 2014

I am a home schooling mom of 15 years about to finish up with my daughter's final year in high school. I am lookiing for parents in my area that want to hire a home school teacher. I have my Associates in Early Childhood Education and am near graduating (December, 2014) with my Bachelors in Education. I live in Sullivan, Indiana. Here in Indiana, it is legal for me to teach as I would be listed as a private tutor and hope to find some kids soon.


user5282735 September 8, 2013

There are some of us out there. I live in San Diego and am very interested in helping parents who are home schooling. I think home school teaching will offer me the experience I was looking for when I went into the field of education - I will be able to really teach each child based on his/ her learning styles, strengths, and challenges. I will be able to meet the child at his/ her instructional level, fill in any gaps in understanding/ knowledge and really take them for ward. The thing that appeals to me most about this is the ability to truly individualize the education experience for a student.


crtvemnd February 10, 2013

I am a teacher in Tennessee. I have taught in public schools for 20 years. i would be interested in helping with homeschooling. I will be happy to send a resume to anyone interested.


teacher5331 June 12, 2012

I am a certified teacher who homeschools. I am in upstate South Carolina and looking for new students.


Ambrosia78 April 30, 2012

You found one here. I used to be a school teacher and I left and my whole life fell apart because I love the kids but got fed up with the red tape and administration.


arlenearp April 26, 2012

Mr. Chizmar,

I'm so sorry, but I never got this email.
I live in Georgia so I would not be able to help.
I hope you found someone.

Ms. Arp


mrchizmar October 27, 2011

I am looking for someone to homeschool my 5th grade son. He was recently diagnosed as Aspergers and is very bright. A classroom is not the right location for him now; unfortunately he has had a lot of negative experiences in his current setting. He is very inquisitive and science-oriented. If you are in the Frederick, MD area and interested, please contact me at Thanks!


arlenearp February 9, 2011

I live in downtown Decatur, Georgia - very close to Atlanta. I am a certified teacher with eighteen years of experience and I am a homeschool teacher. My students are kids who are getting a great education, being homeschooled - but - for various reasons, their parents are not able to homeschool them. Instead, I homeschool them and work very closely, with their parents, to give them the education that their parents want for them. No one falls through the cracks, everyone learns at their own pace, with their learning style, with no worksheets and no mindless busy work. I'm always looking for well behaved kids that want to learn. For more information go to


ShiningStars May 10, 2010

I own a tutoring and homeschooling agency in the Houston area. For njdesigns and others in the Houston area looking for homeschool teachers, we have several great teachers that would love to homeschool your kids in your homes. In addition to teaching individual students, we offer homeschooling for groups, as well as classes and standardized testing. If your child has special needs, one of our experienced special ed. or deaf ed. teachers can provide individualized instruction for him/her.

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