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Moving to Austin from UK


dixont28 June 25, 2012

Moving to Austin from UK. Have 6, 11, 13 year old children. What school years will they be in?

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MagnetMom June 25, 2012

Hi dixont28,

At first glance, they'd be looking at 1st, 6th and 8th. There are cut offs, and typically children start kindergarten at 5 or 6 and so first grade start at age 6, and so on.

The best way to properly place your children would be to contact their prospective schools, and bring in some of their completed coursework.

Good luck.


dixont28 June 27, 2012

Thanks for this MagnetMom, really appreciate your reply. At least I now know what to start looking for. Quite a daunting task this. 6 year old is already in Year 1 over here and particularly bright, I hope that gets taken into consideration. Don't even know which area we'll be living in yet either. Only time will tell.


yasmeenaz November 4, 2012

Hi dixtont28,
We are also moving from london , UK to San Jose. My daughter will be 6yrs old by the time we move , she is in year 1 now in london.
If you could share any experiences that would be great.


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