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13 lucky or unlucky


privatenyc530 September 12, 2012

my daughter's birthday falls on july 13 so in school she is having tough time adjusting as children innocently say you are unlucky,i tried explaining her that there are many famous people who are born on 13 and there is nothing like unlucky but she is not able to settle down how can i help her ?
She is 9 years old

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MagnetMom September 12, 2012


My daughter is short. In fact, she's tiny. She's had to deal with it for 11 years. You need to help your daughter role play what her response is based on her personality--whether it's a who cares, or it's a witty reply, or it depends on the situation.

You can easily point out that she was born on the 13th so clearly, you don't believe it's unlucky. And some cultures think other numbers are unlucky--and yet other folks love those numbers. And other things no one can control.

She's in control of her universe, so let her come up with ways she can handle this.

Good luck.


pigtoria September 20, 2012

Hi Privatenyc530....

MagnetMon made a good point about different numbers mean different things to different culture. The number 13 means nothing in the Asian culture - neither good nor bad. However, the number "4" is considered as very bad luck. In fact, most hospitals in Asian countries don't have the 4th floor and if there is a 4th floor, it's use for administrations rather to house patients because the number "4" has the same pronunciation as the word "death". So could you imagine someone who is born on April 4 - 4 4 - death death or dying dying.

Number 13 has always been my very lucky number. Growing up, I've always like the number 13. My friends thought it was weird. Back in the days when we still use pagers and each person have a number code to identify themselves. Mine was "13". It wasn't until high school that I started realizing that my life can be "predicted" by the number "13". The sum of the day I was born and the day my husband was born is "13". The sum of the day we got married is "13". The sum of my son's birthday is "13". There were many other "13" lucky days for me - the day I got my acceptance letter to college and graduate school. The list is endless.

I hope your daughter can soon be able to tell the people who tease her that she loves and is proud that she is born on July 13.



bellewhimsey September 23, 2012

Taylor Swift draws it on her hand before concerts because it's her lucky number. Plus the Chinese believe the number 13 is extremely lucky. And there are 13 members on a rugby team where the number 13 jersey is worn by a center, or if you are Jewish 13 is the age where you become an adult member of the religion or if you are a witch 13 is the luckiest number.

Or you could teach your daughter a phrase that helps my daughter out when she gets teased. The phrase is, "So what's your point?"

Kids don't normally think fast enough to come up with a great comeback for that one. Then she just walks away. My daughter is 12.

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