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Macharia September 24, 2012

My son is a second grader, he comes home every week with a new poem to read to us and we sign it for him to take back to school, this is a great practice, however I feel guilty to sign these sheet with â??streetâ?? words, like â?¦takinâ?? , lookinâ?? â?¦. I feel that the teacher should not have allowed this in class if we want to bring back good education in America, no wonder why they speak that wayâ?¦. Not sure if to tell the teacher to do something about it.

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MagnetMom September 24, 2012

Hi Macharia,

Common language or slang is part of any language. An essential part of education is teaching a child when each is appropriate. Talking to friends is very different than talking to an employer which is different than talking to an adult neighbor.

If you have concerns about your child's education, set up an appointment with the teacher and ask. I'm sure she can show you places where they are specifically referring to the 'speaker' of the poem and why they might talk like that.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.


TeacherParent September 24, 2012

Poetry is a special kind of writing - poetry has rules of its own and mostly it has no rules. Poets are pretty free to write as they please and use the language that it pleases them to use.

Likely that would be what his teacher says to you - as the teacher is encouraging students to write poetry the traditional approach to poetry would be to allow the children to use informal language.

I'm impressed that a teacher has their students writing poetry in the 2nd grade and impressed that your son is a young poet! Not every child can write poetry in the second grade.

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