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Kindergarten Retention


helena77 September 26, 2012

My daughter was in kindergarten and needed extra help. The school suggested that she go to pre-k in the morning and back to kindergarten in the afternoon. The following year she went to kindergarten. That was 3 years ago and it bothered me because I did not know what to do. I spoke to another parent who was offered the same thing but she knew someone in the board of education who told her not to do it. Her child moved on. I did not know they were going to do this and I never gave them permission to do so. I just recently learned there are guidelines regarding retention and expressed this to the school. They claim she was not left back, rather, was put in pre-k and then moved to kindergarten. My question is, is this legal? She started in the kindergarten and the school did what they wanted to her without consent or first notifying me of my options. Please, somebody help.

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MagnetMom October 17, 2012

Hi helena77,

This was three years ago. In a perfect world, what do you want them to do at this point? You can point out the policies and speak at a school board meeting and ask that they make the policies available to parents and enforce those policies.

How is your daughter now?


wateverok December 18, 2012

i agree with teresamelendi , my advice to you as a parent get her out of that school to a better start at a better your research.

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