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school44223 December 17, 2012

I would like to hear your experience in Kumon. Is it any help? Is there way of teaching the right one? Is it worth it?

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MagnetMom December 21, 2012

Hi school44223,

Many people like the formats used by places like Kumon, Huntington Learning, Sylvan and more. Many people find them expensive and hire a high school or college-aged student to tutor their kids and get similar results.

Go visit a Kumon and ask to see their materials. See if they offer a free trial.

It definitely is different if you want your child to get ahead versus helping a struggling child. You'll want to make sure there are no underlying issues. Doing many worksheets will not help a child with a learning disability.

Good luck, and let us know what you decide.


mdorn05 January 1, 2013

My daughter started Kumon Reading since she was in kinder. It is not expensive program like Sylvan and Huntington. The tuition fee can range from $100-$135/subject/month depending on your contract term/location. Check at least 2-3 Kumon centers in your area to compare fee and policy.

Some centers may require minimum contract term like 3-6 months, but some centers offer month-to-month option.

Kumon Reading is really helping my daughter in the past 2 years, but Kumon program requires parent involvement. As a parent, youmust monitor your child's homework each week and you also must take your child to Kumon center once or twice a week.

My daughter did not like math program at Kumon after one month trial, Kumon math concept is "Speed+Accuracy=Mastery", so we did not continue math program. In my opinion, I think Kumon is not a right program for middle/high school students.

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