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MissMeeks January 13, 2013

I was excited to read a post made of here from a concern parent looking for a certified teacher to home school/tutor their child. I recently moved to California, specifically LA. I recently discover that teaching out here is extremely difficult. I'm trying to find a loving family or group of children to home school. Any one have a suggestion of where I can begin my search?? I don't want to be a crazy person and start asking random families, but I think I might have to get to that point. :O) THANKS!!!

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MagnetMom January 14, 2013

Hi MissMeeks and welcome to GreatSchools parent community. It is a bit difficult because most message boards will prohibit direct advertising. But if you're new to the area and you're looking for ways to connect in Los Angeles, one great place to start is They won't allow you to advertise except with certain rules, but you will be able to establish yourself as a voice and respond to parents who ask questions.

Those peachhead moms are well connected and often looking into homeschooling and other options. Another option would be to make yourself available to homeschool groups in Los Angeles like this one

Even L.A. is a pretty big, and you will likely want to narrow down your search from there. But that's a start.

Good luck.


MissMeeks January 14, 2013

Wow! Thank you! That was really great information!


Bobcat2 August 11, 2013

I am interested in finding a home school teacher in Hartwell, Ga. That teaches a small group of children. My grandson is 10 years old and has some LD.

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