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Junior National Leadership Conference


bteacher March 15, 2013

Hi everyone! My daugheter received an invitation to the Junior National Leadership Conference in DC. Has anyone sent their child there? If so, what was their experience? I am reading mixed reviews. Thank you!

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MagnetMom March 16, 2013

Hi bteacher, and welcome to GreatSchools Parent Community.

Keep reading the reviews. If you are interested in attending, go to their informational meeting--and leave your check book at home. It's extremely pricey, and there seems to be pressure to commit.

My son was sent numerous offers, and we didn't even bother with the informational meeting. For what they charged our family of four could have visited DC for a week.

Good luck.


TeacherParent March 27, 2013

I never sent either of my children there but I've been asked this question many times and here is a New York Times article.

I think that article says it all. But as a teacher I'd also say every year we get a letter from the JNLC group which is really a sub-group of another organization called Congressional Youth something or other all of which is owned by two private people. Every year they send out letters to teachers asking us to recommend three students - unknowing teachers then do recommend their three best students - and those students get 'invitations' to the conference which is pricey.

There are less expensive ways to see Washington DC. Johns Hopkins University runs summer programs in many large cities. The kids live in a dorm, meet kids from other parts of the country and together take a class - sometimes in a foreign language, sometimes it's math - there are many different classes and programs run by Johns Hopkins and many other more reputable organizations than the one running JNLC.

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