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Supplemental education: Do You Kumon? Would you recommend it?


djames June 14, 2013

We are considering putting our 6 year old daughter in Kumon reading and math classes. In the NYT and other newspapers, we've read arguments both for and against Kumon. Any thoughts, fellow parents?

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MagnetMom June 15, 2013

Hi djames, and welcome to GreatSchools Parent Community.

Here's an article that might give you some insight:

We never subscribed to any of the tutoring programs (my youngest is in middle school now). Between the costs and my kids doing fine in school, we never felt the need. I do know families who attend many of the different programs who truly appreciate having someone else helping the kids--saving family dinner time for family and not fighting over homework.

You can see if in your area they offer a free class or to sit in on a session and see for yourself if it meets the needs you have for your children.

Good luck, and let us know what you find out and ultimately decide.


TeacherParent June 16, 2013

My experience with Kumon has been with its math program - my students whose parents have enrolled them in Kumon wanted to strengthen their math skills. Kumon's math program was based on workbooks and drills.


and_nicoleph June 23, 2013

My kids 5 and 7 did Kumon for a year. It did help them a lot but it was very expensive that I decided to get then off. There are Kumon books that can help your child. It is all about doing the task repetitively until the child masters it. I suggest you buy the Kumon work books and get other supplemental math and reading worksheets. The key is to let your child do the exercises or the worksheets every day. When I say every day it is 365 days with no break. My kids are no longer in Kumon but I still let them do the exercises everyday on Kumon books I purchased at Amazon and worksheets I print out on line.


RIMA6899 June 24, 2013

My younger daughter started Kumon in 2nd Grade. She just graduated 8th grade with first honors and distinguished academic achievement from a tough private school and is heading into the most competitive private hgh school (8% acceptance rate) in our area - with a merit scholarship. Kumon has been an incredible learning tool for her, especialy on the math side where she has been way ahead of her classmates in the mnost advanced math available. If the child sticks with Kumon and does it every day, it really works, especially for math. It is expensive, but if your goal is a high level of academic achievement, it is worth it - an no, I don't own any part of a Kumon franchise. I'm just a happy customer who wishes she had enrolled her older child in Kumon as well.


VeryConfused June 24, 2013

I find schools do not give enough practice. In math, practice is essential to build up speed and accuracy. This is where Kumon scores.

You need not rely on Kumon for practice. There are plenty websites that help generate worksheets free of cost.

Since Kumon is a structured programme, it takes some stress off the parents since someone else is monitoring progress and adjusting levels of difficulty.

However Kumon helps gain proficiency only in pure arithmetic. Not even Geometry.

Kumon does not spend enough time teaching problem solving skills.

It is thus a good supplementary programme. Prepares kids to work hard.


kssim123 June 24, 2013

Kumon focus a lot on mental rather than concepts or analysis, it's more of route learning, thus I am not sure of its effectiveness. It will make students appreciate numbers more but that's it , I think.?


jadelesteven June 25, 2013

I would highly recommend Kumon. My daughter struggled in math and by the end of 3rd grade still didn't know her multiplication tables. Public school did not provide her with the repetition of increasingly difficult problems that she needed. Kumon not only provided her with solid knowledge of math facts, but also a much greater confidence in her abilities. When we stopped classes for financial reasons (note that Kumon is more affordable than a tutor or other programs) when she completed 5th grade she had started algebra and was awarded a mathlete certificate!

For my son, who excels in math, Kumon provided a challenge that he did not get in school. He was able to skip worksheets and move at a faster pace. The only drawback was that he hated doing the worksheets.


mdorn05 June 30, 2013

My daughter was previously enrolled in Kumon for 2 years.Their worksheet is really helping my daughter in reading/writing, but their worksheet assignment can be stressful since they only allow one month break per calendar year.

Kumon is a good program, but not for everyone. Check our at least 2-3 centers because they are individually owned and may charge different rate,


user5780421 January 15, 2015

I was actually searching for college information when I came across this. I decided to join in on this topic.
I am currently 16 years old. I started kumon when I was 6 years old, and I am still currently doing it. I'm not gonna lie, kumon has helped me out a lot, my math skills are way further than my whole math class combined- I am what kumon calls "3 year ahead"- meaning the math you are doing are 3 years ahead of the grade you are suppose to be in.
I have never struggled doing math and I recommend it very much. But be warned, I got so angry at kumon when I was little, and I hated my parents so much for putting my through it, but now that I can see from their point of view, I am very thankful to have such wonderful parents that plan everything for me so I can have a easier life ahead. Even though kumon is a pain-in-the-ass (and still is now), and I have hated it half of my life (thats not much), but I really do recommend this to children who are suffering math. It trains your thinking skills and even though it gets annoying, it pays off. Trust me, when the whole math class is suffering, and you're the only one who understands and scores a full mark on the test, the feeling is amazing. I highly recommend it.

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