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Principal is a Mean Girl who never grew up and has too much power.


Anonymous47 August 9, 2013

My children's private school has always had issues with politics and the like, but in general, we've had principals who have risen above it--until now. We have a Queen Bee sorority bully in charge. She was here once for 9 months, quit, then wanted her job back so she got a bunch of parents and her friends to rally together to get her successor removed (they made up a bunch of lies) and her reinstated. Then they did the same thing with the pastor because she didn't like being managed or told what to do (and she was on the cusp of being terminated). She and her minions have bullied staff, parents, teachers who don't agree with her---whether it's relational bullying (excluding) or hurtful comments or what have you. You can't say ANYTHING to her about anyone she deems part of "her team"---the response is always "I won't listen to any criticism" or "that's just your opinion" or "you're the only one with a problem."

Last year, she suspended a child for saying the word "gun" in a sentence (not as a threat)citing zero tolerance --but not before berating him to the point of an asthma attack in front of his classmates. Then she called all the parents in the class to tell them the word was said and their kids might talk about it, but it wasn't a threat and she takes this seriously. What she FAILED to tell the parents is that the incident stemmed from another child making threats about the class--because that child's parents are, well, "useful and supportive" of her and she had no intention of punishing that child. Later, the child who made the threats did so again--and the entire class was punished and forced to sit with their desk facing walls because they couldn't "be a family"--again, no punishment for the little girl who made the threats.

I went to the principal because the teacher (a newbie) was not crediting my son's homework fairly, not communicating with me in a timely manner to help him, was punishing boys for behavior (like laughing) that girls were allowed to do, nitpicking on petty things, but no positive feedback. The response I got was "I don't see that happening--lots of kids get positive feedback from her" First, not true (other parents were complaining, too)and second,it didn't address the problem which was the teacher was not organized and saying homework wasn't turned in that was, and was docking points---and all she graded on was homework.

So now, we have a new pastor coming in--she's all up his you know what--nose is brown as can be. It's like the clock started over. I know my days on the school board are numbered because I don't like her style and I know she's trying to stack the board only with "yes man" I have documented, reached out for help, as have others. The outgoing pastor was clear there was a problem with her, but it was too little, too late for him to stop it before he spoke. Because of the power she wields, along with some of her rich friends, other people are afraid to speak out because they are afraid of her influence on their jobs or that she will retaliate against them. When someone in power confronts her about a complaint, her response is the same "they are the only one with a problem", "that's not how I remember it, it must be their word against mine" or she comes up with a bunch of BS to try and discredit the person who complained or even their child! She will twist stories, lie, do whatever to protect herself or her "team". Anyone else she'll gladly throw under the bus or let get bullied.

I so badly wanted to pull my children this year--but they love their friends and my plan B school is in a different city/parish---and my husband doesn't want to abandon our parish home of 40 years. My parents are members of the parish, too--strong volunteers and they don't want us to go.

So how do I get people to rally and get her removed, without being road kill myself--or worse, having something happen to my child?

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