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Teacher's Feedback, how bad is this?


user5245042 August 7, 2014

My son is 5 years old going to kindergarten this fall, very smart, motivated, competitive, sweet boy. But we noticed sometimes he is too confident! At his TKD, he does well at listening and following directions. At his learning center, he is a super star. Does well with good amoutn of homework. Gets along with swim teacher and very social.

I got this feedback from teacher and we quickly implemented a plan to listen at one time yesterday and strict rules on positive reinforcement and consequences if not followed. As he is my first child, I wanted to find out how bad this feedback is from you all. Thank you!!!!

I have been having some issues with ***** and his listening factors. He needs to be told repeatedly what to do or not do. I usually don't get frustrated, but he is not getting better at listening. He seems to think it's funny. I am hoping you guys could explain to him again,( I am sure you have done it in the past), the importance of listening the first time. He may need some sort of plan with his KG teacher to avoid having problems there, it seems to be his biggest problem, otherwise he is very well prepared and is ready to rock and roll.
Thanks for your time

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ashleynjeff August 18, 2014

User 5245042,

Have a follow up meeting with his teacher or speak with the administration,

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