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Bright Ideas from our Readers: Getting Kids to Read

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By GreatSchools Staff

Favorite Books

"My son is in the third grade and we plan on continuing with The Revenge of the Shadow King. It's a wonderful book full of imagination, adventure, and mystery. We were hooked right from the start and plan on reading the book over the summer. Kids of all ages will enjoy this flight through the imagination. It's a real treat and my son can't put it down once he gets started. What more could a parent ask for!"

"I love the book, The Last Badge, by George McClements. It was the recent 2006 winner of the KIND book award (given to a children's book that promotes environmentalism or kindness to animals). If you have a son or daughter who love scouting, Girl Guides, adventuring, then this is the book for you. We use the book to talk about the decision made by the Cub Scout at the end of the book--why he made that decision, what would they do and why? (I won't ruin the ending). It is also a great picture book so a younger child will enjoy it too."

Comments from readers

"We would totally fall into whatever the child wanted to read. My older son, never much of a fiction reader, was about 11 when Jurassic Park came out. I read that book to him in 4 days and he was thrilled. My 5th child wanted to read Sideways Stories from Wayside School, which her older siblings were reading and re-reading. It took two weeks, but that was the first book she ever read. At the beginning, she only could read about a dozen words, but learned as she went along and by the end of that book, was an excellent reader."
"My daughter started first grade this year after doing Kindergarden w/a Montessori school where she had many children around her in the 2 and 3-year range. As a result, she remained very interested in the joys of pre-school activities. The other night we found the lyrics of some of the songs they used to sing in school. She was very taken with the lyrics because she remembered the words and the melody at the same time. This was a nice way for her to 'read'--with a singing voice. "
"My daughter is in the first grade and one thing that really is helping her with reading was role-playing. She really loves the Frog and Toad series. After reading through a chapter, she picks the character she wants to be and then I choose one. We play act the story out...and make up new ones. She loves it when I make up different voices for the characters and act silly. "