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Bright ideas from our readers: Real-life math activities

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By GreatSchools Staff

"We have them subtract that from their net payment and they give us what's left ______($38.00).

"We have done this with several examples and also living at home vs. living away. It's important for them to understand that the prices of things are not going down. They will need to earn top dollar when they get out of school in order to enjoy simple things like driving a car. Both of our children are good students. Now that our son, almost 14 is getting closer to driving age in North Carolina, he is realizing that he should buckle down and make something of himself. So for us, our technique of incorporating math into how it will impact them in the real world has seemed to work for us."

Comments from readers

"My mother does time sheets so she has to do percentage and she has to add and multiply."
"My Son (Just turned four) loves to drive the cart when he is in the malls, I used this opurtunity to teach my son 'left', 'right', 'straight', 'stop'. He drives the cart and ask him to move left, right moving in between the stuff kept "
"I just wanted to say thanks to the mom whose child has trouble in math. She or he submitted a math website to give unique ideas and help for those who need it and even for additional ideas for anyone. Most all of your readers submitted their ideas, which was great. But, of course, all mentioned that their kids were bright, smart, good students, etc. That's very nice, but sometimes it sounds like these suggestions aren't suitable for children who struggle in school and the parents who struggle along with them. Being good parents, of course, they are always looking for some help, advice, and maybe even a little support from a site such as yours. It might be nice to include more websites in the area of your topic for children who need extra help - or maybe even, children who could use special help. "
"Thanks so much for all this info. I am starting to homeschool this year and was kind of nervous. But reading all these mom's and their ideas really helped ease the fear.Very helpful."