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Homework confidential: What kids really think

Parents, teachers, and experts have plenty to say on the subject of homework, but what about the recipients of all those worksheets? GreatSchools went straight to the source and asked a handful of kids what they love, hate, and would change about their assignments. Surprisingly, more than one told us they don't mind homework -- as long as they're actually learning something and not deluged with hours of busywork. Read on to find out what separates the awesome from the awful.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Zenobia (Kindergarten)

Zenobia, 6, is a kindergartner in San Francisco. We spoke to her at the GreatSchools office.

GreatSchools: Do you like homework?
Zenobia: I do like homework. Yeah, I do. Because you can learn more things.

GS: What's your favorite homework?
Zenobia: Math. [Using her mother's iPhone.]

GS: What's your least favorite homework?
Zenobia: I don't know. I like all homework. [Playing with Google Earth, which her mother has never used, zooming out for a wide view of the planet.] I'm spinning us around.

GS: Why do you think you have homework?
Zenobia: Because you learn stuff if you do homework. [Still playing with Google Earth.] I wanna go to a restaurant.

GS: Are there times when you don't want to do homework?
Zenobia: Yeah, when somebody's not with me.

Comments from readers

"Homework is horrible. Absoulutely without doubt horrible. I actually have about 5 hours to accomplish, so I should get off the internet. Yay, highschool! THe only homework assignments I like are the reading one that dont involve writing. I dislike writing especially the writing we do in my AP classes."
"My son has anxiety around homework He is actually very good in Math but afraid of trying on his own. He insists on a parent/counselor/teaching him"