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Screen abuse by the numbers

Wish you knew what to worry about? We've sifted through the scary stats to get the lowdown on trends in teens and technology. Here's what you need to know to help your child.

By Lauren Shanley

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More screen time for teens

Cell phones, Facebook, and gaming — oh my! Technology, that ever-expanding sea of teen temptation, isn’t going away anytime soon. Even if they wanted to, teens can’t avoid it: They not only use it for casual conversation (and reporting back to their parents) but keeping track of their homework assignments, too. According to Media Literary Clearinghouse, white teenagers spend about 8.5 hours a day using screens while Asian teenagers average more than 13 hours a day — including more than two hours on the TV and up to three hours on mobile devices. With all this screen use comes its evil twin — screen abuse. We’ve sifted through the stats on tweens' and teens' love affair with technology to help you help your child navigate these charged waters and keep their minds afloat.

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