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Screen abuse by the numbers

Wish you knew what to worry about? We've sifted through the scary stats to get the lowdown on trends in teens and technology. Here's what you need to know to help your child.

By Lauren Shanley

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More log-ins and log-ons

21 million — Number of U.S. teens who use the Internet

According to recent studies conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project survey, teens are logging on with increasing frequency. Of those that reported use, half say they go online daily and a quarter go online multiple times a day. While teens do use the Internet for positive activities, such as school projects and reading news, the most common use of the Internet among teens is social networking, which accounts for almost a quarter of total teen Internet time. Curiously, almost half of high schoolers report that their parents neither moderate their Internet use nor do they know what they’re doing online, while 73 percent of parents report they know “a lot” about what their children do online. To learn how to be more involved in your child’s online activity, check out our tips for Internet safety.

 Photo credit: Lewis Global PR