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Screen abuse by the numbers

Wish you knew what to worry about? We've sifted through the scary stats to get the lowdown on trends in teens and technology. Here's what you need to know to help your child.

By Lauren Shanley

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TV land

5 hours and 11 minutes — Average amount of time per day a teen spends watching television

The most frequently used screen continues to be the television, which has reached an eight-year high. In fact, time in front of the tube has increased by 38 minutes over the past five years. Kids might be complaining about their homework load, but three of every four U.S. middle school students spends over three hours a day watching TV. Even more damaging: Between 55 and 78 percent of teens report that the TV is on during family dinners, increasing their exposure and taking away from conversations between family members. Read our article on kids and screen time for tips on how to limit their time plugged in.

Photo credit: Rodrigo Fantoche