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From Our Readers: Fun, Low-Cost Summer Activities

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By GreatSchools Staff

Band together with others

A Northern California mother writes, "What myself and a few of the other moms from our school are doing with our kids over the summer is, there is a local theater hosting $3 10 a.m. movies this summer, so we are going to try to hit them once a week as a group. We are also going to try to get together to do a craft or play group once a week. I am not sure if this is more for the kids or for us moms. We are also thinking about doing tours, like to the police station and fire departments. Hopefully we will have such an action-packed summer that we hardly have time to think about the kids not being in school."

Check out the county fair

"What better way to experience summer fun than visiting a county fair!" write a New York dairy farm mom. "You can usually find county/state fair information on the Web. Fairs give you a taste of real agriculture, youth and adult competitions, and usually a carnival full of rides, games and food. My children and I attend our county and state fairs with our animals. My children spend the week competing in 4-H animal, arts, home economics and speaking competitions. While we are there, we love to tell visitors about our animals and our way of life. The kids network and play with friends and even enter the 'pedal tractor pulling contest.' It is the highlight of our summer. We call it 'camping with kids and cows.'"

Look into the local Boys and Girls Club

A single, Los Angeles mom writes, "I was struggling to find a summer camp for my daughter that would not cost an arm and a leg, and low and behold I found the Boys & Girls Club. They are located all over the country and I am sure there is one in your neighborhood. They charge a $20 membership fee for the year and during the summer the club is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and the kids have all kinds of activities to do during the day."

Super Simple and Easy Ideas

Mix the sprinkler with the trampoline

A mom in Arizona writes, "I put the lawn sprinkler underneath the trampoline and turn it on. It provides lots of fun for the kids while watering the grass."

Walk in the woods

A Minneapolis mother of two boys writes: "We live near a creek and some woods and the boys love running on the dirt walking paths through the woods. They always find something new that catches their interest from birds, bugs, plants, animal burrows and sticks, etc. Any public park with a walking path is just as exciting to them."

Make reading an adventure

One parent recommends checking out "This site allows parents to track books that children have read by allowing the child to take a book test. It then awards points to the child and allows them to pick prizes with the parents approval."

Put those flashcards to use

"I bring flashcards to the pool and during adult swim while they're eating their snacks, we 'play' flashcards."

Comments from readers

"I'm a Korean middle student. I search this site, It's very fun! Does your school wear uniform? Does your school have a gym?..."
"My 6 and 3 year old love playing 'I spy' it makes a great indoor or out door activity!!!!!!!"