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Fight summer brain fatigue

Five ways to keep kids engaged and enlightened over the summer break.

By GreatSchools Staff

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Kid Kubrick

Arm your kids with a video camera — something relatively inexpensive, like the Flip ($199), is fine — and let them try making their own films. For a more collaborative experience, gather a group of their friends, so they can assemble their own cast. Suggest they act out a scene from a favorite book, or let them work together to write a short screenplay. When they're finished with their film, family and friends make the perfect audience.

For deeper insights into the filmmaking process, parents can talk to children about famous film directors before watching a few of their kid-friendly films. While your young filmmakers might not produce the next 2001: A Space Odyssey, their movies should be a lot of fun for everyone, not to mention a unique chance to learn.

Comments from readers

"If $199 is inexpensive for a child to have a camcorder, could the author buy one for my family? to me that is expensive and sure I would love to have one for my children. Good idea but not feasable for parents on a budget."
"Seriously? They Manufacture Macadamia nuts in Hawaii? I always thought they were grown, harvested then packaged. Great ideas though."
"It does not have to be a video camera, I let my daughter (7) use of old digital camera. She loves it and can't get enough. And you can pick up digital camera for $20 these days."