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Learning apps to stop summer slide: grades 6 to 8

Try sandwiching these learning apps between tween social engagements. You'll be surprised how palatable these educational tools can be.

By Sonali Morris

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Hanging With Friends

Works on: iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Game on for the rainy-day recess classic, hangman. Tweens can try to stump friends with the most complex words in their vocabulary, while avoiding the most commonly guessed letters (hello S, T, and R). If the guesser is unable to get the answer, their cute little customized avatar is dropped into a pool of lava. It’s about strategy, social gaming, and keeping childhood fun alive.

Check out Chess With Friends and Words With Friends, too. And note that while all of these games have free versions, they’re chock-full of annoying cross-promotion and ads that aren’t always kid-appropriate — so spring for the paid, ad-free apps.

Check 'em out: Hanging With Friends, Chess With Friends, and Words With Friends.

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